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Instagram is finally taking memes seriously

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After facing large backlash for deactivating a number of popular meme accounts, Instagram is making an attempt to smooth things over by hiring a meme liaison who will be in contact with youth culture.

The company proclaimed the position on Tuesday, the Atlantic reports, in an attempt to appease users after purging 142 meme accounts in late July. The “strategic-partnerships manager” would specifically work with meme accounts and “digital publishers” — media firms like @TheShadeRoom and @Betches that primarily work through social media. The liaison would “identify necessary new formats and trends whereas additionally serving memers already on the platform,” consistent with the Atlantic, operating under Instagram’s partnership division.

Essentially, they’re hiring someone who is aware of memes, understands memes, and can work with memes.
Still, the people who run wildly popular meme accounts — and who tend to be younger — are cautious, particularly after losing millions of followers due to Instagram’s deactivation purge. Lewis Weed told the Atlantic that he wanted a liaison to directly contact at Instagram, rather than “blowing us off and ignoring us.” Like many users, once the 16-year-old’s account was wiped, he had no way of contacting the corporate. In response to the recent wave of purging, 11 totally different petitions were created in a trial to reinstate deactivated accounts.

“Every email or notification from Instagram support is bland and vague, explaining that the details aren’t to be disclosed, however we want answers,” the creator of the petition “Bring Back Our meme Accounts and Have Instagram Fix Their App” said.

“We want change. And most significantly, we want our accounts back.”
Instagram’s parent company also began taking meme communities more seriously this year. In April, Facebook redesigned its desktop website and app to focus more on its groups feature. For many youth, private meme groups are the sole feature keeping users from ditching the social media platform entirely.
Lila King, Instagram’s head of news and publishing partnerships, says she desires to hire someone who’s “equally fluent in the language of memes and also the business of digital publishing.” She calls that person “a unicorn, basically.”

Rowan Winch, a 15-year-old whose monetized Instagram account @Zuccccccccccc was suddenly taken down without any explanation except “attempted abuse of our Instagram’s internal processes,” simply wants to see a liaison in the18-25 range. He told the Atlantic that this person ought to be “involved with the internet/meme community.”

King agreed that somebody with roots in the community would be ideal.
“It will be so necessary for an individual in this role to connect more deeply with the teenager accounts and other accounts we’re not aware of,” she said.

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